Braliz Vegan Keratin Straightening Range

Perfectly Straight Frizz Free Hair

In One Simple Step!

BRALIZ is a unique, innovative 1 step hair straightening spray.
Formulated with Brazilian Botanical Bioactives, BRALIZ helps the alignment of hair fibres, repairing and smoothing hair cuticles to deliver absolutely frizz free, long lasting perfectly straight hair in one simple application!

BRALIZ’s antioxidant action improves moisture retention, resulting in enhanced shine and condition. With a simple application process and fast acting processing, BRALIZ delivers silky straight hair with balanced pH and long lasting perfectly straight results. You can enjoy perfectly straight, frizz-free hair for up to 6 months with BRALIZ!

Range includes:
Professional In-Salon Straightening Spray and Essential Take Home Care Products.

Active Ingredients:
GuaranĂ¡, Cashew, Brazil Nuts, Coconut, Pitanga, Grape, and Balsamic Vinegar.

Guaranteed completely FORMALDEHYDE and CRUELTY FREE and certified VEGAN.

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